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Frequently asked questions




How much is a tattoo?


It all depends on what you want. Our shop minimum is $50 but without discussing what type of tattoo and where it is located. We would love to schedule a session with one of our artists and they can go over what exactly you want then quote you a price.


Do tattoos hurt?


Yes. How much pain depends on your pain tolerance and where the tattoo is going to be located. Mind you we are piercing the epidermis and lay ink into the second dermis. Essentially tattooing causes injury to the skin while laying ink. We do, however, take steps to lesson the degree of pain as much as possible by using bactine.



What should I do before coming in for my tattoo?


Make sure you eat before coming in. Eating carbohydrates help in easing pain by breaking down sugars in the body. This would also help minimizing the possibilities of passing out.

How long does a tattoo take to heal.


Anywhere between two to three weeks. Again it all depends on your body and how fast it will heal. However, by following your tattoos artists after care instructions it will help in the healing process and speed up recovery.


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